Upcoming Shows

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glitterbomb poster summer 2018.png

April 5th – Glitterbomb Birthday Bash!
Join us as we celebrate three magical, sparkly, queer-filled years of our beloved weekly show. We’ve wrapped up 150 incredible shows, and are excited to see what the coming years have in store. This show is extra special because we’ll be giving away awesome birthday presents all night!

April 12th – Celebrity Crush
In this show, our performers pay tribute to their favorite celebrity crushes. From the obscure to the household names, you’ll see things you love, things you hate, and things you love to hate! Who knows, you might even see a sex-tape tribute!!

April 19th- Green Queens
Come party with us as we celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday AND all the best and worst green things life has to offer! From costumes to concepts, you’ll be green with envy before the night is through!

April 26th- The Chris Show
Which Chris is your favorite? It doesn’t matter, because we’ll be paying tribute to them all!! You might see tributes to Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Ludacris, Chris Evans, Christina Aguilera, Chris Rock, Christopher Walken, Chris O’Donnell, Christina Ricci, Christopher Wallace (Biggie Smalls),Christina Applegate…you get the idea…. who knows, there might even be a Christmas routine!

May 3rd- The Gay Outdoors 
Our performers will be getting fireside frisky as we head into summer vacation! Think marshmallows, campfires, songbirds, furry things, lumberjacks, squirrels with nuts, and chopping wood…. Come in costume and help us make the outdoors GAY again!

May 10th – Breaking Boxes: A show highlighting non-binary performers
This show will be highlighting the many faces and talents of our non-binary performers. Join us to celebrate with and be inspired by the gender warriors who are breaking boxes and kicking ass along the way!

May 17th- Throwback Thursday
For this #tbt, our performers will be bringing to the stage some of their favorite past acts, plenty of past decades, and all kinds of childhood whatnot. No matter how far your throwback throws, we guarantee to take you back in time!

May 24th- Literal Trash
This show is a celebration of the trashy side of life! We’re crossing our fingers that we’ll see trash pandas, trash TV, costumes made of repurposed trash, trash talking, trashy romance novels, and Amy Schumer acts!

May 31st- Let’s Get LIT!
At Glitterbomb, our performers light up our lives every single week – and this week, we mean that literally! This show will celebrate all things bright and beautiful, including  xmas lights, fireworks, glow worms, lighting bugs, spotlights, lighting storms or just feeling TURNT UP! We wanna feel the glow of your lights as we celebrate the bright!

June 7th- Don’t mess with Texas Queers! Pt. 2 
Our first Texas show was such a success, we can’t help but come back for more! We’ll be celebrating all the things that make you proud to live in the lone star state: Blue Bell, yellow roses, Shiner Bock, Dr. Pepper, Six Flags, UT + A&M, oil rigs, sweet tea, and whatever other tribute our performers wanna make to the one and only lone star state!

June 14th- What’s Your Sign?
We’re putting the ass in astrology! Come bear witness to new-age numbers, your zodiac unzipped, shimmying symbols of your star chart, tributes to tarot, portrayals of palm reading, and salutes to all the celestial bodies!

June 21st- Sportsball
Feel the adrenaline pumping! Soak in the roar of the crowd! When you play sportsball with us, everyone’s a winner! Bring your big foam finger and your sparkliest sportsmanlike conduct as we showcase all things related to sports, competition, and working out!

June 28thPRIDENTON KICKOFF SHOW!!! Super Queeros and Saucy Sidekicks
(A show highlighting POC performers; guest produced by Tulla Moore)
Attention! Seekers of justice and good guys gone bad are on the loose! In this show, we’re celebrating your favourite superheros, underappreciated companions, and just really misunderstood villains. Join us for this special kickoff party as we celebrate pride weekend in Denton!