Performer Info

Updated 6/9/2017

Greetings and welcome! We thank you for being a part of our performing family. Please read through everything presented here, and if you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.

You will receive a group message via Facebook the weekend before the show that will include the names of your stage crew and any updates on the show. Please keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram, and tag the show in your photos and updates!


Andy’s Bar
122 N Locust, Denton
Please be aware that this is a non-smoking venue.


Glitterbomb is an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-transphobic queer show. While we do allow raunchy, boundary-pushing, outlandish performances that critique and poke fun at social issues, we do not allow expression of oppressive themes or cultural appropriation. If you are not sure if your act would be a fit for our stage, please don’t hesitate to talk with the producer.

Pre-Show Requirements

  • Music must be sent to in MP3 format by noon on the Tuesday before your show. Do NOT send a link to a song – we do not stream music online during shows.
  • Please include the show theme, and your performer name in the subject line and specify requests for sound cues and order of songs if you’re doing more than one act.
    • Do not bring music on CD!
  • During the week leading up to the performance, you are required to post a photo with a teaser of your act(s) in the glitterbombdenton facebook group.
  • You are required to promote the show through your own Facebook page, Instagram, or other social media platform(s).

Show Day Requirements

  •  Call time is 9 pm. Please be sure you’ve signed in with the stage manager NO LATER THAN 9:15. When you do, please note the exact time you’re signing in, not your arrival time. You’ll have a silly pop quiz question about this performer agreement (for example, we might say “what’s the rule about smoking in the dressing room?” or “what should you do with your tips?”).
  • Meet with your stage manager to go over your setup and breakdown.
  • Meet with your host to discuss your intro and content warnings.
  • The show will start at 10:15 and curtain call is at midnight. You are required to be present throughout the whole show, and be in the cast photo at the end.
  • Payout will happen after the cast photo.
  • After the show, please interact with the audience, take selfies, etc. It really helps to build our community and ensures that they’ll come back in the future.
  • Keep an eye out for audience members with a silver star sticker – those are first timers, so please welcome them and thank them for coming.

Stage Info

  • The stage is approximately four feet high and is carpeted.
  • You cannot leave the stage into the audience (there are no stairs).
  • When you enter from the dressing room, please be sure someone closes the curtain behind you.
  • Absolutely no liquid pours or liquid mess on the stage.
  • If you have extras in your act, make sure you get approval from the producer prior to the show.
  • Absolutely no fire is allowed on stage, anytime, ever.
  • When you exit, do not pick up your belongings. The stage crew will bring your tips and stripper droppings to you backstage.

Dressing Room Requirements

  • The dressing room is TINY so please only be in there if you need to be.
  • Bring a robe or something to wear when you’re walking around so you don’t reveal your costume prior to your number.
  • Cast and crew ONLY!! Makeup artists, dressers, etc., must be out of the dressing room by 9pm.  If you have an extra, please discuss their dressing room needs with the producer prior to show night. 
  • Please be mindful of how much space you are taking up. Keep your belongings contained and share counters and mirrors.
  • Please try to be quiet while backstage, unless you’re cheering for a performer or interacting with the host.
  • Please limit aerosol sprays while backstage.
  • The dressing room must be clean when you leave. Take all of your trash with you, and place glassware outside the dressing area.
  • Props and costumes left behind after the show cannot be protected and may be thrown away by the bar.
  • Please take your tips to the bar and trade them in for larger bills. This allows more people to get ones, so they can tip  you again! Everyone makes more money when you trade in your tips!