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Now casting for August, September, October 2017

Please read the show descriptions before submitting an application
to make sure you know what we’re looking for!

At Glitterbomb, we welcome performers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, intersex, questioning, gender non-conforming, and allies. Glitterbomb aims to be a safer space for our cast, crew, audiences, and communities. Performances or presentations which include cultural appropriation, racism, sexism, or other themes of oppression and marginalization will not be selected. However, cultural exchange and reflection, social critique, and artistic explorations of difficult topics are encouraged. Performers exploring potentially controversial topics will be encouraged to release artist statements about their work.

All performance spots are paid, plus you keep your tips and get a drink comp at the bar. Call time for shows is 9:00pm, show at 10:00, and payout is at midnight. Curtain call at midnight is required. We expect our performers to behave professionally, and treat the production with respect. Please be sure you can commit fully to the production before submitting a pitch.

You MUST read the performer info page before applying!

Casting application is below the descriptions. Casting closes around 4 weeks before the show. Please submit ONE act per application, but you can submit multiple applications for a show.



September 14 – Bob’s Archer
Looking for characters directly from the shows Bob’s Burgers and Archer. Crossover acts are awesome! Be aware that many people apply for the common characters, so put a twist on your idea and bring something unique to catch our eye!

September 21 – App it Up
Seeking tributes to your favorite app! Think about Snapchat, Grindr, Boomerang, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Fetlife, UberEats, Google Maps, Yelp, or event an act about your money management, weather, or period monitoring app! Sorry, Vivienne, I don’t think Myspace is an app 😉

September 28 – Video Gaymes
Games games games! Bring us your favorite video game character or storyline!

October 5 – Sabotage
Performers bring whatever act they want, but are given a ridiculous prop as they go onstage, which they HAVE to use as part of their routine!

October 12 – Breaking Boxes – an all non-binary show
All performers in this show must personally identify as non-binary or gender fluid. Acts do not necessarily have to be *about* non-binary-ness (but certainly can be). We are open to your creative ideas!!

October 19 – Salty vs. Sweet
Half the cast will be “Salty” and half will be “Sweet.” When you pitch your act, please be sure to specify which team you would like to be on. Salty team will be acts centered around the petty, angsty, bitter, vengeful and maybe some potato chips? Sweet team acts should showcase the nice, sweet, lovely, kind ingenue, and maybe some candy!

October 26 – Monsters, Myths, and Magic
Celebrate halloween with your favorite mythical beasts, magical creatures, and marvelous monsters!

You MUST read the performer info page before applying, and be prepared to uphold the show guidelines before and during your booking.

If you’re submitting multiple numbers please use a separate application form for each submission.

If you’re submitting more than one act, they must be put on SEPARATE applications!