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At Glitterbomb, we welcome performers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, intersex, questioning, gender non-conforming, and allies. Glitterbomb aims to be a safer space for our cast, crew, audiences, and communities. Performances or presentations which include cultural appropriation, racism, sexism, or other themes of oppression and marginalization will not be selected. However, cultural exchange and reflection, social critique, and artistic explorations of difficult topics are encouraged. Performers exploring potentially controversial topics will be encouraged to release artist statements about their work. Please check the lyrics of your songs to make sure they meet these standards before submitting. 

All performance spots are paid, plus you keep your tips and get a drink comp at the bar. Call time for shows is 8:00pm, show at 9:00. Curtain call at 11:00pm is required. We expect our performers to behave professionally, and treat the production with respect. Please be sure you can commit fully to the production before submitting a pitch.

You MUST read the performer info page before applying!

Casting application is below the descriptions. Casting closes 3-5 weeks before the show. Please submit ONE act per application, but you can submit multiple applications for a show.

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October 11
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rihanna
This show is dedicated to two glorious divine babes: Rihanna, and Mother Earth. We’re looking for acts about all things environmental, set to Rihanna songs! Maybe you want to do something about acid rain to Umbrella? Want to take a stab at sorting trash while jamming to Work? How about S&M for save the manatees? Disturbia about global warming? Get creative, get green, and get down to her highness Rihanna.

October 18
Office Rec’d: Two Shows, One Night
For this show, our entire first act will be an episode of The Office! Bring us your Dwight, your Pam, your Angela, your knowing looks at the audience…. Then, in the second half, we’ll be presenting an episode of Parks & Rec (whipped cream and waffles anyone?). Both halves will be developed as a story line, so please apply for a character you’d like to play, and we will develop storyline/songs/sequence to present as an “episode.” Note- these will still be traditional acts, we’ll just add a little drama to them!

October 25
Zombie Fruit Salad
Yeah, you read that right. We’re looking for fruity fruits performing zombie style – are you a Night of the Living Lemons? Are you a Stab-with-a-Stake Strawberry? Are you cookin’ up Night of the Living Banana Bread? Send us what fruit you would like to be, and your zombification ideas! And don’t worry, our show will be hosted by Veegan (star of the lesser-known series The Walking Bread!)!

November 1
Rocky Horror Stripper Show
In this show, we will be presenting songs from the RHPS in order. Although you can, you do not have to pitch acts that are representative of the show itself – we’re looking for outside-the-box ideas! We encourage performers to mix part of a second song into the act, as long as most of the RHPS song is presented first.

Examples: Toucha Toucha could mix into I Touch Myself, or Time Warp could be performed by The Doctor, or I Can Make You a Man mixed with I’m Your Man could be a trans pride number, etc.

Science Fiction/Double Feature
Dammit Janet
Over at the Frankenstein Place
Time Warp
Sweet Transvestite
I Can Make You a Man
Hot Patootie
Toucha Toucha Touch Me
Rose Tint My World
Wild and Untamed Thing
Double Feature Reprise


November 8
Glitter Against Humanity
For this show, performers will be given a Cards Against Humanity prompt and three answers to choose from. You’ll select one white card (whichever answer you’d pick if you were really playing the game), and present an act based on those cards – but the audience won’t know which answer you chose until you hit the stage! The cards and answer groups are shown below – you’ll apply for whichever prompt you want to do.

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November 15
Welcome to the jungle full of hair metal and glam rock animals! We’re looking for all kinds of jungle creatures to bring us over-teased hair, distressed denim, and stage humping acts of all kinds!

November 29
Product Displacement
Stay tuned for these commercials! Seeking performances centered around a specific product. Love to hate it? As seen on TV? Sell us on your favorite product!

December 6
Glitter Gayme Show
The audience will be playing along as we bring game shows in all their glory to the stage. We’re looking for acts that pay tribute to your favorite board games, game shows, and video games. We’ll be asking you a secret question about your act, and our contestants will take their best guesses while you perform!

December 13

Musical Sing-A-Long

Everyone’s favorite, super gay theme is back! Send us your best musical themed numbers for the all of us to sing along to! There are literally hundreds of thousands to choose from. We want Hairspray, Mama Mia, Cats, Les Mis, any and every Disney movie. If it’s a musical, WE WANT IT!!

December 27
Bring our biggest rainbow fuck-you to all the haters and bigots you might have had to face over the holidays. This holiday show will be a gay ol’ time, and we will be un-donning the gay apparel!! Send us your favorite pride ideas!

You MUST read the performer info page before applying, and be prepared to uphold the show guidelines before and during your booking.

**********If you’re submitting multiple numbers please use a separate application form for each submission.**********