Meet Your Resident Artists

Meet your current and past resident artists who have graced the Glitterbomb artist in residence program. Each resident contributes their time and knowledge to their cohort, which is then shared with our audience and community members. We laugh, we learn, we grow, we celebrate our identities and our art together.

Summer-Fall 2022 Cast and Crew

Introducing: The Glitterbomb Board of Directors

Creating opportunities for leadership is part of our vision to continue to grow and elevate Glitterbomb as a performance space and learning environment. Our Glitterbomb Board of Directors are responsible for overseeing the growth of Glitterbomb and its related programming. From casting and live show management, to mentorship and professional development, our Directors are present throughout the process as leaders and supporters of change.

Introducing: The Glitterbomb Mentorship Program

Starting this season, we will feature a smaller cast and crew of mentee resident artists. These are emerging artists who are just starting their journey and are looking for guidance on becoming more professional, polished performers.

Our mentees are paired with a mentor each season for the entire season. These pairs meet regularly to discuss the mentee’s overall growth and progress, as well collaborate as a collective group on ideas, costuming, stoning techniques and more.

Additionally, mentees are required to attend five trainings per season that are dedicated to providing the essential tools needed to enter the world of performance and entertainment.

Summer-Fall 2022 Mentorship Cohort

Spring 2022 Cast and Crew

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