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At Glitterbomb, we welcome performers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, intersex, questioning, gender non-conforming, and allies. Glitterbomb aims to be a safer space for our cast, crew, audiences, and communities. Performances or presentations which include cultural appropriation, racism, sexism, or other themes of oppression and marginalization will not be selected. However, cultural exchange and reflection, social critique, and artistic explorations of difficult topics are encouraged. Performers exploring potentially controversial topics will be encouraged to release artist statements about their work. Please check the lyrics of your songs to make sure they meet these standards before submitting. 

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We expect our performers to behave professionally, and treat the production with respect. Please be sure you can commit fully to the production before accepting a booking.

**********If you’re submitting multiple numbers please use a separate application form for each submission.**********

July 11 Hot Hot Hot

This show celebrates all things hot! Looking for acts that incorporate all kinds of heat: jalapeños, Hell, coffee, the Sahara, potatoes or dogs, Hillary Swank? (that’s an Office joke, y’all), pockets, dad bods, grills…. if it’s too to hot to handle, we want it on our stage!

July 18 Campy Camp

Looking for acts that are high camp camping – think summer camp, if drag queens were your counselors!! C’mon sparkly s’mores! C’mon fashion bugs! C’mon glamping! C’mon first gay kiss! C’mon canoe canoodling! Let’s get shiny (not sweaty) under the stars.

July 25 Game of Gnomes

First, sing this: Gnoooomes Gnooooomes Gnomie Gnoooome Gnomes
Gnomie Gnoooooome (Gnomie Gnome Gnome Gnomie Gnome Gnome)

Winter’s not the only thing coming, our gnomes are too!! Looking for GoT acts that incorporate gnomes. Important note – all acts must have a WELL WRITTEN ending 😉

August 1  We Go Together: Duets

For this show, we’re casting duets of famous pairs: peanut butter and jelly, Thelma and Louise, Netflix and chill, coffee and cream, paint and paintbrushes, weed and snacks, earrings, shoes, eyes, jeans….if you think it goes well together, we wanna know!

August 8 Selena & Whitney

This show highlights Performers of Color in tribute to two of music’s greatest legends. Looking for individual tributes, or mashups – whatever gets your body moving!

August 15 Cowboys and Spaghetti Westerns: A Denim Show

We’re looking for dazzling denim acts in the style of spaghetti westerns! Bring us your cheesiest cowboy, cowgirl, and cowthey acts, and don’t forget your canadian tuxedo! All music types will be considered.

August 22 Nopealope

This is your chance to showcase your biggest NOPE! We want to see your pet peeves, aggravating annoyances, political pontifications, irksome irritants, vicious vexations, your fly in the ointment…. what really grinds your gears?

August 29 Bippity Boppity Bamboozled: Disney Sabotage

Casting performances in tribute to all things Disney – hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to WAIT WHAAAT!? This is one of our sabotage shows, which means that while you’re performing, we’ll hand you a surprise disney-themed item, and you have to use it for the rest of your act.

September 5 Literal White Trash

In honor of labor day, we’re casting acts that incorporate literal white trash: toilet paper, takeout boxes, dryer sheets, tampons (unused, please), paper cups, trash bags, straws, kleenex, amy schumer, etc.

September 12  Superstition

In honor of the inaugural Harvest Moon Tattoo Convention, and in honor of the most superstitious of days, we’re looking to showcase performers who have a superstitious tattoo. Tattoos with traditional superstitious meanings as well as 13tattoos will be considered. Your act should incorporate some sort of superstitious theme.

September 19 Vampirates – Glitter Me Timbers

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! To err is human, to arr is vampiric. We want your best Vampire Pirate ideas! Get creative – bring us parodies, tributes, dedications, or just your best sparrrrrrrkle. Please note that liquid blood and blood capsules are not allowed onstage.

September 26 A MARVELous Show

Celebrate International Comic Book Day in grand Marvel style! Looking for diverse acts embodying Marvel characters, movies, shows, and comics.

 If you’re submitting more than one act, they must be put on SEPARATE applications!