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to make sure you know what we’re looking for!

At Glitterbomb, we welcome performers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, intersex, questioning, gender non-conforming, and allies. Glitterbomb aims to be a safer space for our cast, crew, audiences, and communities. Performances or presentations which include cultural appropriation, racism, sexism, or other themes of oppression and marginalization will not be selected. However, cultural exchange and reflection, social critique, and artistic explorations of difficult topics are encouraged. Performers exploring potentially controversial topics will be encouraged to release artist statements about their work. Please check the lyrics of your songs to make sure they meet these standards before submitting. 

Guaranteed Dollars
Audience Tips
Drink Ticket (or free soda)
Food Ticket
1-2 professional show photos from Saraphim Art

Read the performer info page THOROUGHLY
Call is at 8
Show is at 9
Curtain call is at 11
We expect our performers to behave professionally, and treat the production with respect. Please be sure you can commit fully to the production before accepting a booking.

**********If you’re submitting multiple numbers please use a separate application form for each submission.**********


1/2 : The Rawring 20’s

Emo night is Back! We’re celebrating a new year and a new decade by taking it back to the sad days of emo – with a 1920’s flair! Bring us all your flapper-emo numbers from My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, Sense Fail and so so so many more! 


1/9 : OK Boomer

Got a problem, OK Boomer. Bring us your numbers inspired by Boomers or the industries Millennials have killed. Angry about the environment? Drowning in debt? Love avocados more than diamonds? Let’s see what you’ve got!


1/16 : Madonna

One Show. One Diva. We’re paying tribute to Madge herself. Are you like a virgin or a material girl? Hung up or you just want to express yourself? Bring us all your Madonna numbers!


1/23: Glitterbomb Smash!

Whether you want to play SMASH bros, listen to SMASH mouth or simply SMASH the patriarchy, we want you to be in our show! Looking for truly SMASHING numbers.


1/30: Glitter Against Humanity Round II

We’re dealing another hand and playing Glitter Against Humanity! When you’re cast, you’ll be given a black card with the prompt, plus three white card options to choose from. You’ll create a performance based on the combo you put together!  Note – applications for this show are just to express interest/availability. You won’t know what hand you’re dealt until after you’re cast.


2/13 : Love Like Lizzo  

If you can love Lizzo, you can love yourself! Bring all the self love numbers this Valentine’s Day! All acts should incorporate a Lizzo song, but can be mixes of other songs as well. Don’t forget, many people apply for more popular songs, so submit several ideas for the best chance to be selected.


2/20 : Hairspray!

We’re taking a trip back to the 60’s for this all Hairspray show! Pick your favorite track from the soundtrack and bring us your best tv dance moves! Don’t forget, many people apply for more popular songs, so submit several ideas for the best chance to be selected.


2/27: Slippery When Wet

Looking for water, moisture, and all things wet numbers. Missing the pool when it’s freezing cold out? Want to pay tribute to that industrial-sized bottle of lube? Got a rain act, a shower act, or an under-the-sea one? Please note – no liquid pours of any kind are allowed, so get creative with your “wet” props! 



3/5 : The Texas Show Part IV

Diving deep in the heart of Texas Queers, AGAIN! Bring us your best Texas themed numbers including but not limited to Beyonce, Blue Bell Ice Cream, Nasa, Walker Texas Ranger, Post Malone, Texas State Fair, Shiner Beer, Bluebonnets, etc.


3/12 : Carnival of Horrors

We’re ringing in Friday the 13th with a horror show! Looking for numbers about creepy carnivals and the like. Scary Clowns, Creepy Carnies, Freaks of Nature, Terrorizing Treats and Ghoulish Games!


3/19 : Super Gay Pajama Partay

Recover from St Patrick’s Day festivities at the best pajama party in town! Bring us your best pajama and sleepover numbers! Pillow fights, silly games, sexual experimentation, sleepovers for one (wink wink) – what gets your jammies jammin’!? 


3/26 : Video Killed the Glitterbomb Star

Reenact your favorite music video right on our stage! Looking for extra creative concepts and props to bring your video to life!

If you’re submitting more than one act, they must be put on SEPARATE applications!