Artists-In-Residence Program

Let’s make magic.

Summer – Fall 2022 applications are now open!

We welcome applications from diverse Queer-identified folx who identify with our mission and values and who are seeking to elevate their own art and support the work of others. This is an excellent opportunity for new and emerging performers and hosts, as well as more experienced entertainers. To protect our team and community members, all residents must be fully vaccinated against COVID 19.

About the Residency Program

Our artist-in-residence program is a contracted, 17-week show season dedicated to the professional development of our cast and crew members over the duration of the show season. During each season, residents will learn from each other as well as professionals from the community. These experiences are opportunities for our residents to hone their skills while learning new ones along the way.

Meet Your Current Artists in Residence

Each season features a new cast and crew of creative, talented individuals looking to grow together personally and professionally.

How It Works

Each season, we will select 10 Performance Residents and 2 Host Residents. Residents are required to perform in at least 8 shows during the season to meet the minimum salary and retain all tips (including virtual tipping). Residents will be featured on our YouTube channel, social media platforms, and will have the opportunity to be featured in additional shows and public appearances.

The Benefits

Each resident cast and crew member receives:

  • Regular salary and tips
  • Costume allowance
  • Promotional appearances and opportunities
  • Merchandise development support
  • Mentorship, education, and discussion groups

– Plus a whole lot of fun!

Application Periods

Each season’s applications will open for new applicants two months prior to the start of the following season.

Season dates and applications for 2021-2022 residencies:

  • Summer – Fall 2022 Season Applications are now open! The Summer – Fall 2022 Season dates are August 11th – December 1st 2022. 

COVID – 19 Safety Protocols

For more information regarding our safety protocols for cast and crew in response to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 protocol page for more information. Our protocols are updated regularly in response to community health needs.


  • I’ve never performed before. Can I apply?
    • Absolutely! We welcome applications from performers who have never touched the stage before, to performers with experience! The artist in residence program is meant to grow artists and meet them where they are.
  • I’ve never worked on a tech crew before like this, but I’m excited and willing to learn. Can I apply?
    • Yes! We offer training opportunities to cast and crew members who are looking to learn a new skill. This includes roles such as spot operator, sparkle security, sound engineer, stage kitten and stage manager.
  • How often are applications accepted?
    • Applications for each season will be released two months prior to the season’s start. I.e. the Summer 2022 Season starts May 2022. Therefore, applications will open in March 2022.
  • I don’t live in the city of Denton but live in a neighboring city. Can I still apply?
    • Living in the city of Denton is not a requirement! Applicants are, however, required to make our call times on time for each week that they are cast in the show.
  • I’m an out-of-town performer that doesn’t live in a neighboring city and can’t commit to an entire season, but I still want to perform. What can I do?
    • While we are currently operating as a closed cast, we welcome inquiries from out-of-town performers who are looking to perform in the DFW area. If you are interested in spotlight performances, please fill out this form here.
  • I applied but wasn’t cast. Do I have to apply again?
    • Applicants who are not accepted in a current season are encouraged to reapply for the following seasons as they open.
  • I have a question about the application process that isn’t answered here. How can I contact you?
    • Our production team can be reached here for any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the application process and overall artist-in-residence program.

Want to vend?

Interested in vending at a Glitterbomb show? We welcome artists, community organizations, small and solo businesses. Come share your resources or sell your wares at some of our shows this season! 

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