Following Up: Growing Stronger, Safer, Together. 

The following is in reference to our statement released last week, which can be read Here.

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who reached out to us, supported us, shared their wealth with us – did whatever possible to let us know that they loved and appreciate Glitterbomb and what we bring to the community each week. 

Our production team was able to meet with the venue staff at Rubber Gloves to discuss further implementations that could be made to strengthen the existing security measures in place at Glitterbomb. As with all of our policies, these are living changes that will improve as we continue to improve our policies and procedures. 

  • Our Sparkle Team will be rearranged to double up on backstage and back of house coverage. We will hold separate trainings with our team to ensure that everyone is confident in their new tasks.
  • Glitterbomb production team members will now wear reflective vests during the show. This will make our Sparkle Team more easily identifiable during the show. Our social media and photography positions will wear these vests as well. 
  • Community members have volunteered their time to work security detail for us at no cost. In response, we have created a volunteer interest form to gather inquiries and help vet potential volunteers to fill these positions. This form can be filled out here.
  • A Rubber Gloves bar back person will be present during the first two hours at the venue entrance to support our door person as people are checked in. 
  • A safety map will now be printed and available throughout the venue.
  • An introductory safety script will be added to the opening sequence of our show. This script will be used to highlight the different roles on our team. Our spot operator will point the spotllight at each team member, so that all audience members can visually identify where our team is during the show, and who they know they can approach should there be a safety issue.
  • We are designing and printing our “Take 5” and “Angel Shot” signs to be featured in each bathroom during the show. These are code phrases created by our team to help staff and audience members communicate emergencies and their level of severity safely and confidentially. 

Our team will be back in full force this week, strengthened by the love and support and fervor from our community. 

We are so eager to get back to you from the stage this and every Thursday.

With love, sparkle and never shade unless the demand arises,

The Glitterbomb Team. 

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