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Following Up: Growing Stronger, Safer, Together. 

The following is in reference to our statement released last week, which can be read Here.

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who reached out to us, supported us, shared their wealth with us – did whatever possible to let us know that they loved and appreciate Glitterbomb and what we bring to the community each week. 

Our production team was able to meet with the venue staff at Rubber Gloves to discuss further implementations that could be made to strengthen the existing security measures in place at Glitterbomb. As with all of our policies, these are living changes that will improve as we continue to improve our policies and procedures. 

Our team will be back in full force this week, strengthened by the love and support and fervor from our community. 

We are so eager to get back to you from the stage this and every Thursday.

With love, sparkle and never shade unless the demand arises,

The Glitterbomb Team. 

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